American Health Plans is one of the only companies able to offer an ACA alternative that is government compliant, which means you can apply anytime and will avoid the uninsured tax penalty. If you don’t qualify for a subsidy from the government and/or are looking for Obamacare alternatives, this may very well be your best option.

Medsharing is a form of Medical sharing where a client pays a monthly premium.  The premium is put into an escrow account and claims are paid less the Members Shared responsibility amount.  These are generally faith based insurance and give you exemption from “uninsured tax penalty”.

Who Are These Plans Good For?

With the rising cost of health insurance and the frustrations of trying to obtain the desired coverage in either the private sector or the Marketplace, Medsharing Programs offer a refreshing alternative.

Those Who Want Physician & Hospitalization Coverage At Lower Costs –

Medsharing healthcare coverage is ideal for individuals and families who want both physician and hospitalization coverage at lower costs. What is saved on premiums can be set aside to help cover the higher MSRA, which works like a deductible in traditional insurance. Higher MSRA’s can be counteracted by accident and critical illness policies as well. Members can also choose how high or low they want the MSRA to be with three plans settings at $5000, $7500, or $10,000.

Those Looking For A Company That Cares –

As opposed to traditional insurance companies that try to find any way to not pay a claim, our medsharing partner actually works for their clients to help negotiate bills and lower costs, leveraging their relationships for your advantage. Their model is based on an innovative approach to care that is truly patient-centered, combining excellent service with a modern approach.

What Are The Benefits

Many people are finding value in the human connection, alignment of beliefs and lower cost of medsharing programs across the nation. One medsharing company has grown from about four thousand members to over four million just in the past few years. The programs appeal comes partially from their lower fees but also from their idealogical boundaries.

Medsharing program members appreciate  that their premium dollars aren’t going to line the pockets of a corporate CEO but directly to pay for needs in the group. There is also a convenience factor with their innovative approach that includes telemedicine at no cost. Members can not only use their concierge service to setup appointments, they can also use the telemedicine program that comes with their plans free of charge to consult with certified practicioners via the phone or video conference who can diagnose, treat and prescribe medication if need be.

The monthly costs vary but a couple in their fifties can get a plan starting at only $399 a month. Individual policies start as low as around a hundred dollars a month. These plans usually have higher deductibles and per incident limits but the money saved in monthly premiums offsets those factors in most cases.

Some of the other benefits of Medsharing plans are:

  • They can be purchased year round.
  • They are government compliant but not affiliated with the government at all, which means they exempt you from the tax penalty and it keeps the government out of your business.
  • Guaranteed Issue
  • PPO Network
  • Your price is based on your age bracket, so you can have peace of mind that your health insurance premium will stay the same until you reach the next age bracket
  • When negotiating your bills they have leverage due to the cash they bring to the table as well as tax benefits from being a non-profit organization

Ultimately, consumers will keep searching for the best ways to save money while taking care of their families. The information age we live in nowadays makes it easier for companies that offer the best values to rise to the top. All signs point towards medsharing being the wave of the future and continuing to offer the best alternatives to Obamacare and COBRA.  If you are interested in learning more about medsharing plans and/or all your options for health insurance, please contact one of our licensed agents toll free at 866-487-9887.